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The dark side

14 Jul 2015

Maybe it's because I'm writing the new book, and I'm living in a Gothic world (the story, in this first draft is drifting into shadows) but I'm seeing the world with the eyes of a Darkling. The skies look like Heathcliff called them up,...

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The dreaming distance

08 Jul 2015

The last day has been wonderful for this small island.  I think Tasmanians are used to thinking of ourselves as obscure in the terms of the world, but this blog post is to celebrate - with pictures! - the fact that "Travel and Leisure&quo...

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The places that talk

19 Jun 2015

Who's buried under the stones? Location hunting in the Burran in the West of Ireland, I stood still for a long time trying to hear the voices of those who had raised this monument. I only heard the wind. But someone's story had been dug into th...

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