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The places that talk

19 Jun 2015

Who's buried under the stones? Location hunting in the Burran in the West of Ireland, I stood still for a long time trying to hear the voices of those who had raised this monument. I only heard the wind. But someone's story had been dug into th...

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I don't know what it means

15 Jun 2015

But it's the strangest photo I have ever taken. On the road to the airport the other day, a blameless rainy morning and I shot this odd image. It's not edited or filtered or cropped or anything-ed, it just is. And then, when we came hom...

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No need for alarm

14 Jun 2015

All's well... Because, Tuesday and Wednesday this week I'm guest editing Better Reading's Facebook page. You can find them at,  https://www.facebook.com/betterreadingau And, meanwhile, life at the farm goes on. The farm...

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